UDC 621-83 681.51





Zvorykin V. B., Associate Professor of the Automation Industrial Processes Department

Egorov A. P., Head of the Automation Industrial Processes Department

Mikhalyov A. I., Head of the Information Technology and Systems Department

National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine

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Abstract On the basis of the structural diagram of the thermal aggregate temperature ACS with structural limitations and assumptions liberalized the control system. Parameters of the PID controller were optimized in accordance with the required quality parameters. Check of the adequacy of the Simulink-model showed good convergence between the results of mathematical modeling and full-scale experiment. Due to the presence of dead zones in the characteristic of the thyristor voltage regulator: delayed transient rise of temperature in the thermal aggregate, the growth process is oscillatory.  presented the transient graphs with the following results: good coincidence of natural experiment and mathematical modeling results (rms error is 5.7 ОС); because of the dead zone in the characteristics of the thyristor voltage regulator: delayed transition process growth temperature in the thermal aggregate and the growth process is oscillatory; transients rise in the temperature of the furnace takes place without overshoot. Identified options PIDcontroller, providing specified quality parameters. Developed the Simulink-model ACS furnace temperature with the structural restrictions. Check of the adequacy of Simulink – model showed a good convergence of results of mathematical modeling and natural experiment.

Keywords:  electrical furnace, temperature control, analog regulator


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