Dear Colleagues,

We invite YOU to publish YOUR research results in the journal “COMPUTER SCIENCE, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND AUTOMATION“

The subject area of the journal is diverse. In the journal are published the articles by specialists engaged in fundamental research and practical developments in the fields of automation, information technology, computer science and professionals from other industries.

The journal is published in Open Access format that greatly expands the audience of readers and authors and contributes to establishing new professional contacts among scientists. The language of publication is English.


  • Information technology:
    • General issues of Informatization
    • Programming and CASE-technologies
    • Computer systems, networks and communication systems
    • Data Protection
    • Applied Information Systems
    • Information technology in Economics, planning and management, medicine, education, manufacturing, construction, etc.
  • Computer science:
    • Algorithms and Data structures
    • Programming languages
    • Computer architecture
    • Operating systems and computer networks
    • Software development
    • Database and information retrieval system
    • Artificial intelligence and robotics
    • Computer graphics
    • Human-computer interaction, etc
  • Automation:
    • Automation of control processes
    • Optimization, making design decisions and structural synthesis
    • Computer aided design
    • Intelligent systems
    • Neural networks and Neurocomputers
    • Geographic Information Systems
    • Mathematical modeling

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