High quality and standards are the main principles for Ukrainian companies used to reach the global market. In terms of improving their rankings in these areas through the local project decisions, these companies seek to upgrade their equipment with the latest technology, to automate the production processes , to implement the principles of Industry systems 4. and 5S, to  cover the enterprise with network and the communication channels as much as possible (following the Internet of Things technology).


  In turn,  scientists and developers bear the crucial responsibility for research and creation of innovative equipment, implementation of ready systems, software and automation of various processes.

  As a means of information exchange  between these two groups are the  specialized publications that provide consumers (entrepreneurs)  their desired product with the acceptable performance indicators and the concrete examples. This publication is the journal “Computer Science, Information Technology, Automation” (CSITA).

  The main feature of our edition is open access to the publications and indexation in the international databases of scientific and technical publications.

  The materials used in the journal are the result of our independent work. Articles and publications are posted in the journal with the permission of the authors in the framework of a copyright agreement.

  The Editorial Board of the CSITA-Journal invites all interested Scientific Editors, Authors and Reviewers to cooperation!