UDC 681.326:519.713



Kupin A. I., ScD, Professor, Head of Computer 

Systems and Networks Department,

Muzyka I. O., PhD, Associate Professor of Computer 

Systems and Networks Department

SIHE “Kryvyi Rih National University”

Full text: (PDF)

Abstract. Overview of general Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and technologies, analysis of potential possibilities for their application in the field of mining and metallurgical enterprises in Ukraine. The research objective is to analyze the possibilities of modern cyber-physical systems and other innovative approaches in the structure as a part of the concept “Industry 4.0” to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of domestic enterprises of mining-metallurgical complex (MMC). By applying the system analysis are investigated the main process stages and TP of domestic enterprises, identified promising areas for the implementation of the “unmanned production” on the basis of CPS. The obtained results can be applied for the implementation of projects intellectual production control.   Showed the modern tendency of creating a “smart production”, “smart products”, ”smart production methods” based on the concept of “Industry 4.0”. Presented a number of business processes and technological processes, automation of which is widely highlighted in the concept of “Industry 4.0”. It is primary and secondary production, logistics, marketing, procurement, maintenance control. Studied  the implementation of intelligent maintenance control system on the basis of CPS and other promising approaches to the concept of “Industry 4.0” in terms of large mining companies (such as Mining Enterprise and steel company “Metinvest Ukraine”, “Arcelor Mittal Kryvyi Rih”, etc.).

Key words: Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, Key Performance Indicator (KPI).


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